Hello those who stumble across my little blog! I guess I should tell you about the blog, and my main mission.

I am an Atmospheric Science major in college, and most of the time I'm swamped with physics and calculus, and like any other college student, I need a distraction here and there. Reading is generally my distraction, and I love forming my own opinions about the books I read. So voila! This blog was born.

Note, I'm still in the process of trying to create this blog, and how I want to format my review. Please be patient with me!

Oh, and I review a wide variety of books, from fantasy, to YA, general fiction, action/adventure, mystery, romance, and so on. I'm always looking for new reads!

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Shannon Caroline Dias said...

Hi Caity :)

I'm new at this blog thing too. I'm an english lit major at Mumbai university and there's nothing I love more than reading something that HASN'T been prescribed for my syllabus workload. I recommend the Game of Thrones series if you've got the time because they're quite a lengthy read. But the Bartimaeus Trilogy is great too and alot shorter.

best of luck at blog and uni


Caity Lenox said...

Hello there! :D I've had Game of Thrones on my list to read for the longest time, and I hope to finally read them before I go back to school for the fall! I haven't heard of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, so I will look into that.

Best wishes!

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